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Why choose SAGA for your patients digestive health?

Why should you refer your patients to
San Antonio Gastroenterology Associates & Endoscopy Centers?

San Antonio Gastroenterology Associates began more than 35 years ago when three physicians had the vision to transform gastrointestinal care and the patient experience. In 1980, the founding physicians of SAGA built the first freestanding endoscopy center in downtown San Antonio in hopes of delivering care the highest quality digestive care to each and every patient.

Today, SAGA is renowned in San Antonio for excellent digestive healthcare with sixteen industry-leading gastroenterologists, eight physician offices, and three endoscopy centers spread throughout the metro area. SAGA continues to pave new roads while breaking barriers in both research and quality of care in the GI field. Discover why so many patients trust SAGA with their digestive health care.

If your patients are in need of digestive care, refer them to the best in San Antonio, SAGA.

Follow these steps and the SAGA team will partner with you in caring for your patient.

  1. Click the button below to fill out the form.
  2. Our team will review the case. We’ll then contact the patient to schedule the procedure(s) or consultation.
  3. In addition, the SAGA team will also notify your office that the patient has been scheduled and follow-up with reporting on outcomes.
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Questions? If you have questions about the referral process, please contact SAGA’s front office team at (210) 271-0606.

Learn more about the gastroenterology experts of SAGA or visit the About SAGA page to see quality rankings and patient satisfaction scores.

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